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Firm Profile

FIC Provides a Broad Array of Services

FIC Advisors, Inc. can assist your financial business with a broad array of services. We provide our clients with a flexible operating model, allowing us to customize the level and type of our involvement to meet client needs.


FIC Offers Strategic Services

Your institution can profit from FIC’s formal strategic projects, focusing on growth and profitability. We can help you plan and implement your strategic business goals. Our clients receive clear fact-based recommendations for assessing and achieving growth initiatives.


Strategic services include:

  • Strategic Development
  • Implementation Planning
  • Advisory Consultations
  • FIC can provide ongoing advisory relationships with senior managers, typically varying in frequency from two-three days per month to quarterly. Our clients receive consistent senior-level counsel.


FIC Offers Workshops

FIC also provides workshops for financial institutions. These workshops are aimed at resolving specific issues or as part of a strategy development process. Attendees receive intense focus on critical business and strategy issues, resulting in internal issue resolution, agreement on key future priorities, and much more.


What makes FIC unique is our special approach to problem-solving and business development in our industry. To learn more about our services, contact us today.