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Business Buzzwords (Amacon, 1995)

Kanbrain, zero defections, teamnet, empowerment, core competency, reverse engineering. 

If you aren’t fluent with this business jargon, pick up Business Buzzwords.


This compact guide provides entries for more than 100 terms with commentary and examples to help you judge their value. With it, you’ll be able to decipher buzzword-filled memos and presentations; understand the theories behind the terms; and “walk the talk” with colleagues and customers.


This book was published by Amacon in 1995. Contact us to order.



Table of Contents


Part One

  • What’s In A Word?
  • Behind The Buzzwords: The Gurus of Change Management
  • Value Judgements
  • How To Create A Buzzword


Part Two

  • A Buzzword Glossary
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index