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Why FIC Advisors?

Industry expertise

FIC possesses 20+ years of financial services experience. Beyond our acknowledged expertise in the small business space, we have extensive experience in various aspects of commercial banking and commercial finance, as well as retail banking.


Industry contacts: One or two “degrees of separation”

Our experience and focus allows us to access industry best practices for client evaluation and, as appropriate, adoption.


Practical focus

We provide clients with practical near-term recommendations and approaches that result in a positive impact on the bottom line. Our projects include detailed implementation planning that serves as a roadmap for change and allows close monitoring of progress.


Flexible operating model

While much of our work involves formal project engagements that require two months or more, FIC emphasizes matching our working approach with client needs. We have completed one-two week diagnostic projects, one-day brainstorming sessions, as well as establishing ongoing retainer relationships once a formal project ends. The client and the client’s needs dictate the terms of our working agreement.