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The Middle Market (Probus, 1994)

This book examines the opportunities and changes in the market, pointing out the need to redefine the role of the relationship banker, build the customer franchise, and support growth through a renewed marketing and customer support infrastructure.

A multi-faceted resource drawing on the author’s extensive financial consulting experience with small business and middle market-related issues, The Middle Market presents an action plan for change that results in energized, sales-focused commercial bankers, increased productivity and efficiency, and enhanced customer service-all of which can be achieved through near-tern improvements and a lower overall cost base.


The Middle Market will help bankers rethink their approach to this important market and provide them with a pathway for winning the competitive wars.


This book was published by Probus in 1994. Contact us to order.



Table of Contents

  • Imperative for Change
  • The Role of the Relationship Banker
  • Economic Analysis: The Foundation of Growth
  • Marketing: Finding New Customers
  • Creating a Sales Focus; Case Study: Chemical Bank
  • Cross-Selling: Building a Customer Franchise
  • Leveraging Off the Credit Process
  • Linking Credit to Sales; Case Study: Norwest Bank
  • Growth through Infrastructure Change
  • Reengineering the Relationship Manager
  • RM Training, Performance Measurement, and Compensation
  • Leadership in Technology Planning
  • The Non-Bank Success Story
  • Niching for Success; Case Study: GFC Financial Corporation
  • Building a Small Business Customer Base