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The New Face of Credit Risk Management

This book focuses on balancing growth and credit quality in an integrated risk management environment. Results are based on interviews with senior credit officers at leading banks and commercial finance companies. 

Key issues for credit risk executives addressed in this revealing series of interviews:


  • How modeling, scoring, and other available technology are helping to bring more science to the art of credit risk management.
  • Why a proactive, team approach to risk management is the key to growth, safety, and soundness.
  • Why sound judgment is still an integral part of the credit process.
  • How the growing use of credit risk mitigation tools is being used to promote the new, enterprise-wide risk management paradigm.


This book was published by Robert Morris Associates in 1999. Contact us to order.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1

  • Overview
  • Calm Before the Storm
  • The New Face of Credit
  • Proactive Role for Credit


Chapter 2 – Wachovia: Taking an Integrated Approach to Risk Management

  • Observations
  • About Wachovia Corporation
  • Interview
  • Integrated Approach to Risk Management
  • Industry Changes
  • The Future of Credit
  • A Decade of Change
  • 1998 Downturn in the Economy


Chapter 3 – Chase Manhattan Corporation: Pursuing New Portfolio

  • Management Strategies
  • About Chase Manhattan Corporation
  • Interview
  • Transition to Chief Credit Officer
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Tracking Risk and Managing Credit Technology
  • Loans as a Loss Leader
  • Compensation
  • Impact of the Economy
  • Some Last Words
  • 1998 Downturn in the Economy


Chapter 4 – The FINOVA Group: Thinking Outside the Box

  • Observations
  • About FINOVA Group
  • Interview
  • Credit Approval Process
  • The Changing Face of Credit Discipline and Credit Culture
  • Emerging Technology
  • The Future of Credit Concerns
  • 1998 Downturn in the Economy


Chapter 5 – Bank of America Corporation: Balancing Change and Growth

  • Observations
  • About Bank of America Corporation
  • Interview
  • Transition to Risk Policy Chairman
  • Credit Approval Process
  • Changing Role of Bankers
  • Y2K Issues
  • E-commerce and PC Banking
  • Concerns for the Future
  • 1998 Downturn in the Economy


Chapter 6 – Fleet Financial Group: Building a Sound Credit Culture

  • Observations
  • About Fleet Financial Group
  • Interview
  • Changes in Risk Management
  • Managing Culture
  • Y2K
  • Technology and Credit Scoring
  • Credit Origination and Portfolio Management
  • Outlook on the Economy
  • E-commerce
  • Final Thoughts—The Credibility Gap
  • Downturn in the Economy
  • Conclusion