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The New Financiers (Irwin, 1996)

Today’s financial services industry depends on progressive thought and cutting-edge vision. In these interviews, 14 of the leading financial services executives talk about their well-grounded personal experiences and often unconventional approaches to business in frank discussions of current issues facing the financial services industry. 

This book was published by Irwin in 1996. Contact us to order.


Table of Contents

  • Who Are The New Financiers?
  • Preserving Tradition While Focusing On The Future
  • Generating Profits By Selecting Underserved Niches
  • Building A Consumer Franchise
  • Exploiting Corporate Flexibility And Discipline
  • Managing The Customer Without A Branch Network
  • Inheriting The Mantle
  • Creating A NonBank Mentality – Within A Bank
  • Adhering To Core Values And Business Strategies
  • Redefining The Credit Card
  • Leveraging The Uncommon Partnership
  • Creating A Unified Corporate Focus
  • Reflections Of Transforming A Company
  • Building A Brand Name
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurialism Within A Financial Services Giant
  • Afterword
  • Index